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Children Covering – And Completely Owning – 46 & 2 by Tool


The perfect treatment for a long week, just in time for the weekend; a band of children (children for goodness sake!) perform a jaw-droppingly good cover of 46 & 2 by Tool1. The prodigiously gifted young whipper-snappers are students of Aaron O’Keefe, who teaches the kids how to play songs by Pantera, Killswitch Engaged and Iron Maiden. I, on the other hand, was taught how to play A Whiter Shade of Pale. Check out his YouTube Channel2 for more.

Via Antiquiet

  1. I mean, seriously, the kid on the drums is nailing it and he can’t even grow a beard. ↩

  2. Be sure to watch to watch these covers of Guns n’ Roses, and Steve Vai ↩

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