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Rip Curl & Time-Slice



For those that don’t know, GoPro specialise in rugged, nigh indestructible video cameras that you can mount to nearly anything, allowing anyone brave enough to make videos that make us very, very jealous.

Rip Curl and TimeSlice (the surf brand and camera array experts respectively, not two 2nd generation Decepticons) have teamed up to produce Mirage, a short but hypnotic surf film. Using a rig of 30 GoPro HD cameras, the team were able to capture shots of surfers frozen in action from multiple angles. It’s The Matrix meets Point Break, with nary a Keanu in sight. It’s all a tad extravagant for promoting a line of shorts, but it is impressive to watch nonetheless.

If you prefer your action on land (and on four wheels), be sure to check out TimeSlice Films’ previous team-up with DC Shoes – the frankly mind-boggling Gymkhana FOUR: The Hollywood Megamercial.

Via Core77

By: Dre