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Anti-social Media


“Every time I type a web address into my browser, I don’t need to be taken to a fully immersive, cross-platform, interactive viewing experience,” said San Diego office manager Keith Boscone. “I don’t want to take a moment to provide my feedback, open a free account, become part of a growing online community, or see what related links are available at various content partners.”

Irrespective of its satirical source, I can’t help but wonder how much of the sentiment in this Onion article would be echoed in a real-life survey on the same topic. There are certainly times that I would choose a straightforward reader-content interaction1 over the increasingly complicated social/sharing/liking/pinning landscape.2

  1. Instapaper is my definitive choice when it comes to stripping all the unnecessary flotsam from articles.  ↩
  2. Don’t even get me started on comment sections. ↩

By: Dre