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Browser Awareness Day


According to Team Geek, last Sunday the 13th was Browser Awareness Day (it’s ok, we didn’t know either1). If you’re using an outdated copy of Internet Explorer, why not do yourself a favour2 and upgrade to a modern browser.3 They’re faster, more secure, have loads of extra features that you’ll find useful and best of all they’re free. Go do it now, it will only take 5 mins.

  1. It would have helped if they had shown the actual date on their site. Just sayin’ ↩
  2. You’ll be also be doing the whole Internet a favour by making it easier for developers to provide more support for better browsers ↩
  3. Don’t worry; we get it. We know some of you simply can’t upgrade your browser. It’s ok, we still love you. ↩

By: Dre