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The Carpenter


It seems I have a certain soft spot for videos that fall into the category of “Intimate-Documentary-Portraying-a-Skilled-Crafts-Person-Deeply-Engaged With-the-Craft-They-Love” – a genre that I have just coined that should slot in nicely between “Indie Rom-Com” and “Japanese Horror.” Maybe it’s the romantic appeal of getting away from the sterile realm of the digital and getting ones hands dirty.
A prime example is The Carpenter,1 a short film by Deep Green Sea, an Athens-based group of multi-disciplinary artists working in film and animation. The film is part of a series entitled The Art of Making, which also features films on dressmaking and guitar-making.

– Via Jared Erickson

  1. Bonus points for using the track The Fire Shall Devour Us by The Three Corners of The Earth, a song last used to stonking effect on the trailers for The Art of Flight ↩

By: Dre