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Jude Buffum’s 8-bit Movie Portraits


Babe... Ruth?

Illustrator Jude Buffum has a wonderful set of 8-bit influenced work, including these movie portraits.
His illustration of The Goonies is especially good; much better than the graphics of the original NES game. I could never fault the game’s music though, that theme tune was boss.1

Via supersonicelectronic

  1. Debate still rages here in Casa LMA as to whether The Goonies or Battle Toads had the greatest soundtrack.2 ↩
  2. If this fills you with a sense of nostalgia you may want to check out a few other 8-bit audio delights. ↩

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Physicists Are No Fun


Physicists at the University of Leicester have – presumably in-between debunking the existence of the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas – revealed that Batman’s dramatic cape gliding would be less than optimal if adhering to real world physics. The report, published in the University of Leicester’s Journal of Special Physics Topics1, revealed that it’s not so much the gliding per se that would prove problematic. Rather, it’s attempting to land at a calculated velocity of 50mph that would lead to a swift visit to Gotham General Hospital.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be in the backyard, burying my childhood dreams.

Via Wired.com

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