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Dot by Bot and Dolly


Just when it looked like no-one was doing anything new or interesting with projection mapping, along comes Dot, a short film by Bot & Dolly. At a glance, Dot looks like a prime example of some tasteful post effects and motion tracking; well executed but hardly ground breaking. The film truly shines when you consider that the film is done entirely in-camera. Using a combination of projection mapping, software and motion controlled robots the performance transforms seemingly simple flat surfaces into windows revealing a three dimensional virtual space.
Bot & Dolly are a design and engineering studio that develop robotic systems specifically for filmmaking. They currently have two robots in their line up – IRIS and her smaller sibling SCOUT – and they have worked on1 feature films, TV ads and Las Vegas shows. Check out their media page for videos of IRIS and SCOUT in action. Fingers-crossed they’re busy working on some live-action stage adaptation of Tron.

– Via My Modern Metroplis

  1. I pondered which would be the correct usage here; the objective “they were used” or the subjective “they have worked.” I went with the latter, as I’m a sucker for anthropomorphising robots,2 especially any with cute names.  ↩

  2. Case in point; I was relieved that Dummy the robot was rescued from the rubble of Tony Stark’s house at the end of Iron Man 3. I’m hoping he gets his own spin-off cooking show.  ↩

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