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Your Minimal Requirements


Any of these sound familiar?

I need to research which of the 12 available software packages is the best suited for this project before I can begin


I can’t stand writing in anything other than a Moleskine/Field Notes/Rhodia notebook*


I have to go to France for 3 months to unlock my creativity

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your minimum requirements for production. Is your strict criteria merely procrastination in a smart suit? If your framework of pre-requisites is so complex and brittle that it prevents you from producing then perhaps you need to change your framework. Every dependancy that you choose to put in place is a tacit decision to delay starting. Your choice is whether those dependencies are reasons or excuses.

I admit I have as much as a stationery fetish as the next *Muji shopper, but I’m just as likely to put my pen to the back of every envelope that crosses my path.

By: Dre